Gipfel-Kunst - on the Marktlköpfl at 1.845m above sea level


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A group of sculptures by the artist Christian Eisenberger awaits you at 1,845m above sea level.

Six life-size figures cast in bronze, facing each other on the hill in the hexagon.

The figures are reminiscent of cocoons, of larvae. Christian Eisenberger had his body wrapped in parcel tape, from bottom to top, until there was nothing more to be seen of him and he approached suffocation.

With the knife he cut himself from the inside out, a self-liberation that amounts to a rebirth.

Art as Metamorphosis.

Art as a thought-provoking impulse to break through structures and look at things differently. equipment *Pay attention to the appropriate equipment and clothing:* Above all, sturdy high shoes with a good grip sole as well as rain and cold protection are very important; in addition, consider the local conditions (road conditions, possible difficulties, ...). *Catch up on current weather conditions. To check the regional weather situation (telephone, internet,...) and also to listen to the locals - their experience is particularly valuable.