A groomed blue that starts out flat, but has some awesome trees to the right









Primrose looks pretty flat from its beginning on the south side of Lunch Rock.

If the snow is slow or deep, snowboarders may have to skate a little until the slope steepens considerably, about 100 yards into the trail.

Most riders can make it by starting up on the hill next to the restaurant and bombing it with one leg out on a packed-down track until they get to the first steep hill.

Then, they strap in and can do the steep groomed hill down to the location of the old, slow, Timberline Express Lift that used to access Parsenn Bowl before the Panoramic Lift was built in 2006.

Or you can take a right and dive into Primrose Glades (instead of the groomer).

This trail is one of the last to get tracked up on a powder day (because of that flat area in the beginning), and has some trees on the right (once you get to the steep part) that are worth the flat terrain to get there.

The backdrop of Parsenn Bowl is breathtaking on a clear day – it's a great place to snap some powder tree shots.

Primrose hooks up with Edelweiss, which leads back to “Pano” Lift.

Primrose is a delicate summer wildflower found in mountain tundra areas.