A great winding blue run, but it is sometimes closed for racing.









Copperopolis is a great trail that winds around from Collage, from the top of the Excelerator or the Super Bee, and after a couple of steeper slanting pitches, makes its way back to the bottom of the Excelerator.

On the right on the last half is the NASTAR race course, with different options depending on your ability.

Sometimes they close this trail for racers, with a rope on top of the trail.

This is especially true at the beginning of the year but can happen at any time.

The trail itself starts off flat then goes pretty steep for a blue as it winds around left.

It gets a little less steep and then becomes flat at the end. Watch out for people on this one since it’s a busy trail.

Usually groomed, but when not, some un-rhythmic bumps arise since the slope leans to the left.