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This easy three-hour hike starts at the Murtèl middle station of the Corvatsch gondola, which is comfortably reached from Surlej.

The route first drops down to the Lej de la Fuorcla, then climbs briefly up to the hiking trail coming from Fuorcla Surlej.

Accompanied by a superb view of the valley, you come to a viewpoint, with a bench where you can take a rest.

It is certainly worth stopping briefly and taking in the wonderful panorama.

There is then a steep descent down a scree slope and through the moorland to the Restaurant Hahnensee, idyllically located beside the Lej dals Chöds peat lake.

The area is a popular place for wood grouse and black grouse during the mating season.

Here you are treated to not only a range of culinary delights, but also a fantastic panoramic view.

Why not take a break, enjoy the peace and quiet, and watch the dragonflies.

From the Restaurant Hahnensee, there is then a steep descent through the forest, initially on a narrow path, which then becomes reflected.

At the second fork, leave the wide path to the left, and continue until you come to the Lej Nair and afterwards Lej Marsch.

You can cool your tired feet in either lake or, if you like, take a dip.

There are also BBQ sites for a well-deserved picnic. *¶ So lake ¶ Engadin St.

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