A fun, easy green with a steeper drop in off the Peachtree lift.









Rustler's Gulch is one of 3 trails off of the Peachtree beginner lift in the base area.

Take a right off of the Peachtree lift right into a quick drop in as the trail wraps back around the lift to the base of the lift.

You can switch over to Augusta or High Tide if you bear right or if you really bear right and skate a little you can get back to the base area.

If you stay left past the Peachtree lift you can finish at the West Wall lift if you don't want to walk back uphill from Peachtree lift to the base area.

You can also access this trail by skiing Buckley from the West Wall lift or Front Side / Silver Queen Express area by bearing right after the aspens on you right or by taking a left at the bottom of International before you merge with Lower Twister.