tremendously wide open red run









This groomed piste is certainly one the widest slopes you can ski in the 4-mountains interconnected ski area! When you exit the Mitterhausbahn at the top you can decide to either choose the right or left line of the descent, as the slope is split in two lines which are matching together midway through of the run. Basically both slopes present the same difficulty, just the top section of the left run is slightly steeper. The slope itself starts off in pretty moderate terrain, spiked with gentle rollers and finally leads you into a long flat ending section. The lower part is definitely great for practicing carving and got for sure enough space to ski your favorite arcs! If there is enough snow surface occasionally there is a long and quite difficult mogule slope at the left side of the the marked piste.

The run is quiet until 10am as it is the furthest apart from the gondola and the sun is coming in early which as well means that it can get slushy in the afternoon. For the simple reason that the slope is that wide, you will always be able to have enough space to ski your individual line which is pretty cool! As the lift operate quickly there are no long waiting times at the bottom. If you come for a Ski trip to Schladming this slope can't be left out - there is a reason why the Mitterhausabfahrt is called "The Paradise"!