A Gradual Decline Red, Well maintained and interesting









"C3" or Ostafa is a great red to "get your ski legs back", if this is your first ski holiday of the season or you are a nervous intermediate this run is ideal.

Champlouc and the Monte Rosa in general is a very interesting resort with a well thought out layout.

This run generally stays nicely groomed through out the day and although it may get a little cut up, its not difficult terrain to negotiate either first thing on a morning or in the afternoon.

The sun shines generously on this piste up until around 1 or 2 pm then it is likely to be heavily shaded.

This can make the run a little hard packed on cold days but nothing to be scared of.

Both Ostafa 1 and 2 are interlinked but in an unitalian fashion, they are actually well posted and they end at the same place, either back at the top of the Champoluc Crest run or you can continue all the way into town.

As you approach the Champoluc crest cable car the runs filter into a small bottle neck so do ensure you regulate your speed as the runs narrow.