The track that traverses the top of the Gers bowl.









Any piste in the Gers bowl is going to be scary, as Gers is the secret that no one talks about and that everyone hopes to keep to themselves.

Gers is a massive off piste bowl (prone to avalanche so not open all season, check at the DMC, the main gondola to the Grand Platieres, before proceeding).

Once this piste is entered there are only two pisted routes out: one way is to continue down this bumpy tilted track to the further Onyx black (or off piste) until hitting a blue from the Restaurant du Lac, La Pépinière which involves a lot of poling, to eventually join the vast 10 mile/14km Cascade run down to Sixt; the second way is to hope that the Gers button lift is operational.

Alternatively one can call for a helicopter to uplift them from the Restaurant du Lac should one have the budget.

Enter Jais from the Zéolite blue where it arrives and then turns back on itself - Jais is alongside the black and yellow ropes denoting an area of off-piste access into the Gers blow.

Care is needed to ensure you are actually on the piste as this is really the zone for the extreme off-pisters! Then traverse along the top side of the Gers Bowl aiming towards the 'ridge' of the bowl then crossing over the Gers button lift to join the Onyx black run.