A wide open rolling black run with bumps.









Ore Deal is a great change of pace compared to the often crowded final face of Andy’s Encore.

That is if you wanted to go to the Super Bee lift instead of the bottom of Andy’s Encore, which offers both the Flyer and Eagle lifts.

Ore Deal itself is a wide open rolling black that is usually riddled with bumps.

Every once in a while they groom it (when there is enough snow) and it is a super-fast run that has water bars that keep you paying attention.

Most of the time it has bumps though, and there can be many of them especially if your legs are tired from the top half of the run.

This has a couple steeper sections that will thrill some and be easy for others.

Many get scared because the top looks a little intimidating, especially when you are standing on Andy’s Encore.

It bottoms out on the first fairway of the golf course to traverse to the Super Bee.