An expert option from Sherwood to the main lodge









This is a short moderately steep run that is never groomed.

It can be filled with moguls or pure pleasure in powder.

Trees are sparse on this slope which is fairly open with a few rock outcroppings.

Take the Sherwood Chair Lift and exit to the right.

Follow the groomed road along the ridge line.

Do not ski left or right off of the ridge.

When the wide groomed road exits the forested area you will find yourself on a ridge looking toward Scott Peak.

Look over the cornice to your left and you will see the area known as Expert Shortcut.

You will easily ski off the cornice onto the slope making a few turns and ending on the road that returns skiers from the backside of Alpine to the front side.

Turn left when you reach the road and follow it to the Weasel Run.

This run generally faces NE, don't miss the left turn at the bottom.