Wild Irishman is a super fun, fast and wide open blue.


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Wild Irishman is a super fun, fast and wide open blue that’s usually groomed and its rolls and turns are quite entertaining.

Go down a hundred yards or so of Schoolmarm and look to your right for Wild Irishman.

It starts off relatively flat and then there’s a nice short pitch of steepness, and then it rolls around to the right for a bit of flat before the fun really starts.

From here on it rolls with steep pitches for a blue and short flats in between.

This is usually groomed and is a great place to work on your carving of turns and your enjoyment of Colorado snow.

It can get scraped off by the end of the day so watch out for that.

Also, this can be crowded and many (read ski patrol) do not like it when you speed here.

Careful and you’ll be fine.

At the end it flattens out and joins many other trails so definitely for other skiers and riders.