A gorgeous day across a wild glacier.









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The first day of the Haute Route Glacier Trek that takes you onto a glacier (rather than just walking next to one as you did on the approach to the Albert Premier Hut) and what a wild glacier it is.

The Trient plateau - which you cross today - is huge and utterly spectacular. Although the distance covered isn't great today, an early-ish start is still recommended so that you go as far as you can before the sun softens the snow on the glacier too much and makes progress much more difficult.

From the Albert Premier Hut follow a good track which leads gently up and then easily down onto the Glacier du Tour.

This is actually highly crevassed, though early in the season they are normally well covered.

Don’t be tempted to keep your rope in your pack, even though it is low angled, and make sure there is plenty of space between you on the glacier.

The glacier steepens up as you head towards the Col Superior du Tour.

There is normally some easy rocky scrambling to get through the col onto the Swiss side.

Once safely over the col and onto Swiss territory, cross the huge and magnificent Plateau de Trient.

The trip across the glacier is flat and straightforward provided visibility is good.

If the weather closes in, navigation will be extremely tough so only commit to the traverse if the sun is shining.

Upon arriving at the far side of the Plateau de Trient, detour up to the Cabane de Trient for a drink on its spectacular terrace, and then continue down a good, rocky path to the Cabane d'Orny.

Check in for the night and then go and enjoy the sunset from the hut terrace.