A downhill stroll into Zermatt past some epic scenery.


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After all that's gone before it, today feels very easy, but it's still over 10 kilometres and entails just over 1000 metres of descent so don't leave it too late to get away from the Schönbiel hut.

Once you do get walking the vistas just keep on coming, with the Mattehorn dominating the view to the right, and the Monte Rosa Massif revealing itself straight ahead.

Castor, Pollux and the Breithorn also become visible throughout the day so this hike is a peak spotter's dream.. The hiking trails you follow today are all well trodden and clear, and there are no glaciers to cross so your rope and crampons can be put away for good.

The trail leads you through grassy meadows and over rolling moraine crests as you head down to Zmutt - a traditional Swiss farming village which has been remarkably well preserved.

There are a couple of charming little cafes to stop at in Zmutt so enjoy your return to thick air, green grass and warm air by grabbing a coffee and a cake at one of them. Suitably refreshed, continue down a large tourist track which leads you into Zermatt town centre.

After a week in the high mountains the luxuries of Zermatt feel wonderful and you will have earned every calorie you eat and every second you spend in a hot shower.

The town is home to some excellent restaurants and bars so there are plenty of opportunities to toast your trip. When you wake up in Zermatt the next morning, ride the clean and efficient Swiss train network back to Chamonix.