*Burmi Water and Peak Parade* Water march! This call sounds the experience path "Burmiwasser" up and down, immediately numerous water barriers are opened apparently in a chain reaction by the small lock keepers, so that the dammed up water can pour itself beside the footpath the wooden gutters along. No question about it, Burmi water with its water channels, sluices, water wheels and watercourses takes time, the refreshing water accompanies us every step of the way from the mountain station to the Riezler Alpsee. Due to the altitude, the experience path already presents us with a mountain panorama like a picture book, which is only surpassed by the sensational panoramic view from the Kanzelwand, which is definitely worth a detour with children aged 8 and over.


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We gondola comfortably with the pulpit wall lift up to 1950 m height, while through the open window the ringing of cow bells penetrates to our ear.

Arriving at the mountain station, we are first drawn to the sun terrace of the mountain restaurant, which is directly accessible from the mountain railway.

Not only free deck chairs for resting on, but also the peaks lined up in the southwest with the Great Widderstein and the Hoher Ifen await us.

Immediately after leaving the building the "Burmiwasser" begins.

When we see the splashing water, it is difficult to keep our shoes on in warm temperatures, and so we soon enjoy the cool wetness on our feet and climb down the round pebbles through the watercourse - with the best massage of our soles - to a playground, from where we descend through a watercourse to a large water wheel.

Here we put on our mountaineering boots again, hike down the wide path for about 50 m and stand at a junction, 1925 m, with three alternatives: to the left the waterway continues, to the right one could descend in 5 minutes to the Adlerhorst hut (small playground and trampoline), but we choose the middle path and start the ascent to the Kanzelwand.

At the end of the wide path we keep to the right, hike up a mountain path, meet another path (on this path we go down on the way back) and quickly gain height on the sometimes stepped path.

After a few minutes the path becomes steeper and rocky, some wire ropes give additional stability.

The trail now leads around the mountain and after 30 minutes - finally on rocky ground - we reach the summit of the Kanzelwand, 2058 m, with a fantastic panoramic view of all the Allgäu mountains, which slopes steeply on almost all sides (please remind the children to be careful!).

Next to the summit cross there is a telescope, a little further down we can find the names of the individual mountains on a summit identification board.

The descent path largely follows the ascent path.

Now the parents go ahead, you have to be a little careful not to slip on the partly loose rock - but the rope protections are a good help here.

Almost down below we march straight on and quickly reach the three-way junction again, passing a snack table and two wooden loungers.

We turn right, meet the "Burmiwasser" again and walk downhill accompanied by a wooden water pipe.

This water channel with its numerous small lock gates is so long that the lowest can hardly make out the highest of the small lock keepers.

Numerous helping hands clear the way for the accumulated masses of water to close the gates immediately afterwards and next time perhaps to chase an even larger amount of water through the pipe.

The children eagerly run back and forth between the sluices and can only be persuaded to continue with difficulty.

At the next stations we miss "Burmi", the mascot of the Kleinwalsertal, a proper rotary worm, open locks again and look out with wooden telescopes for imaginary small "Burmis", before we reach the Riezler Alpsee, 1875 m, an artificially created lake, which feeds the snow machines in snow-poor winters.

We walk along the right bank and treat ourselves to a little break at the snack place or on a wooden couch.

After the rest we walk a few more meters along the water, then we turn right and climb (unmarked) the stepped mountain path up to the viewing platform "Rote Wand", 1965 m, from where you have a beautiful view down to Riezlern and into the Kleinwalsertal.

On a ridge path we return to the mountain station of the Kanzelwandbahn in 15 minutes. equipment