The vast snowfields of Shele and the giant ridges of Miketi form an opportunity to leave your epic line on untouched powder - the dream of every freerider.


4 - 5









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If you visit this route during your holiday in Gudauri, your remaining days at the resort will find you basking in genuine respect with the title of a real expert, with all paths pointing to the lines that you skied the day before.

The mountains of Sheli and Miketi are clearly visible from any point at the Gudauri Ski Resort; they look like giant, steep walls.

In fact, their steepness does not exceed 35º and the only reasons not to explore this area are increased avalanche danger or limitations in your mountain experience, physical capabilities, or stamina - the ascent to Miketi mountain takes at least 4 hours. The route starts from the gorge and consists of two relative parts – an ascent to the first ridge with exit to a hidden valley and an ascent from a hidden valley to the top of the Sheli or Miketi mountains.

The terrain is open and predictable.

The steepness of the slopes averages an angle of 30º, and there is an absence of big terrain traps and sudden drops.

Views throughout the route and from its uppermost points are some of the most iconic and memorable in the region. Sheli is very popular with heli-ski companies operating in Gudauri.

So, if you go on a route without a guide, coordinate the time and details of the route with the heli-ski companies by clicking here:

Otherwise, heli-ski groups on descent can create a significant danger for freeriders ascending from the gorge. At the beginning of the route there is a small stream that can be crossed with stepping stones.

However, during warm weather and precipitation, the stream overflows and it is difficult to pass it without getting your feet wet.

In this case, you can cover your feet with simple plastic bags bought in any Gudauri store in advance.