After a slight uphill hike, Timber Ridge has a cornice drop and varying terrain with bumps and ridges.









At the top of the Sierra lift, and going up and off to the skiers left (not going back down to the Sierra Lift) there is Timber Ridge.

From the lift you have to go uphill a tad, and the “S” Cornice is right in front of you.

Catch a little cornice air, but not too much or you’ll land flat, and then continue on the flat section bearing right.

Timber Ridge has many terrain changes and usually little bumps and ridges, with a fairly steep pitch.

You won’t be able to get back to the Sierra lift.

You’ll need to go up the Timberline Express to get back here and traverse over to Sierra.

This is why the snow here is usually pretty good since you can’t get back here without riding two lifts.

They occasionally groom this and when that happens, watch out, it’s a really fast ripper.