* Speedy three-summit round with optical delights * The Golmer Höhenweg, together with the Geißspitzsteig and the Latschätzer Höhenweg, turns out to be a classic summit tour. The bizarre tower triplets with the incomprehensibly smooth planed Sporer plate will not let you go.


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We take the cable car from Latschau to the top station Golm, 1892 m, with the Berghof Golm and the panorama restaurant Grüneck.

The magnificent Golmer Höhenweg climbs first as a driveway, later as a comfortable path over the pastures at Grüneck up to the Golmer Joch, 2124 m, with a fantastic view of the Rätikon.

After an easy descent to a yoke, 2094 m, we stroll to the green Latschätzkopf, 2219 m.

Now it's downhill on a short ridge to another yoke, 2185 m, over a tiny intermediate elevation and along the southeast roof of the Kreuzjoch summit with some height loss to the Hätaberger yoke, 2154 m.

The Geißspitzsteig (Hätaberger Weg) begins with a small ridge before crossing a steep mountain flank under the rugged Wild Man.

Passing the Kreuzspitze we reach a saddle, 2250 m, with another slight descent.

Here the Sulzfluh, the Three Towers and the Drusenfluh present themselves particularly impressive.

Also the west ridge on the grass summit of the Geißspitze does not cause any problems.

We now climb steeply along the south-east slope down to the Lindauer Hütte, 1744 m, at the forest line.

After a strengthening, we must briefly return to a branching.

There we choose the flat Latschätzer Höhenweg.

The path leads between mountain pines, crosses a scrubland zone and brings us through a forest strip to the Latschätzalpe, 1733 m above sea level.

After a gentle counter climb over pastures and alpine rose slopes, the gondola swings us from the Golm mountain station to Latschau. equipment