The Y-Not Couloir is a steeper, spicier little brother to the Y Couloir. It's a bit shorter and involves a short rappel.


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The Y Not Couloir is around 2,700 feet and around 45 degrees in pitch.

It's a little tricky to find and get into, but once you're in it it's an incredible run.

Park at the pull-out on your right 2.7 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon, follow the road down to the river, find a good crossing and head towards the apron of the Y-Couloir and climb up it.

Take your first and second right hand branches of the chute.

A few hundred feet shy off the top climb up to the right and over the ridge to drop into the chute.

The run starts in the trees and filters into a large open chute that continues to get more narrow until it comes to a short vertical rappel.

Getting to the rappel can be icy and crampons and and an ice tool are good ideas.

There were two bolts to rappel off of, but they are exposed to rock fall and word on the street is they may have been damaged, or sheared off.

It might be a good idea to bring your own gear for an anchor, or add some back up.

In a big year the rappel is only 20 to 30 feet, but in a lean year it can be nice to use the rope to continue down the tight and rocky lower part of the chute.

You could also down climb this section to the apron.