*Monasteries and chestnuts on the Tremezzina. Art and culture, history and stories: There is plenty of all this around Ossuccio: churches and monasteries, enchanted squares, legends. There are the churches of San Giacomo and Santa Maria Maddalena, both directly on the busy waterfront road, both from the Romanesque period (12th century), archaic hall buildings, San Giacomo with a pretty bell wall, Santa Maria Maddalena with a campanile, which in the Gothic period was fitted with a "hood" - without counterpart in Lombardy. And then the Isola Comacina, the only island of the Lario, once fabulously rich and therefore called Crisopoli - golden city. The terrible end came after the war between Como and Milan (1118-1127); the Comasques sacked and plundered the island that had allied itself with Milan. The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso, which rises on a rocky hill just above the entrance to the Perlana Valley, offers a splendid view of the wooded ridge and the Isola Comacini. It can be reached on foot along a Via Crucis, a chapel path similar to the one in Varese and Orta San Giulio, although not as elaborate. And at the very back of the valley, far removed from the lively, sunny shoreline of the Tremezzina, lies San Benedetto, a foundation of the Cluniazenser.


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From the car park at the Bar Riposo in Ossuccio, walk up the paved chapel path to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso (419 m) with Osteria and beautiful views of the lake, its only island and the wooded back of Dosso di Lavedo.

The Sacro Monte chapel path and church have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2003.

Behind the building complex on a wide path, which initially rises steeply, into the Valle Perlana.

You pass the houses of Preda (520 m) and then walk through magnificent chestnut groves valley (several springs).

The path that climbs steeper again last leads directly to San Benedetto (810 m).

Pass behind the church and briefly down to the Talbach stream, which you cross on a solid bridge.

On the opposite, eastern side of the valley downhill and out to Tremezzina.

The path soon becomes a narrow road, which finally descends a little more to the Abbazia dell'Acquafredda (329 m).

You can't stop here, but at least quench your thirst; the cold water of the spring (acqua fredda) tastes good and is considered curative by the locals.

Go down a road loop (no markings), then turn right into a small path.

Above a waterfall on a bridge over the stream and into Ossuccio and back to the starting point of the round. equipment