A green run at the top of Rendezvous lift that has great views of the surrounding peaks.









Wheeler Creek is located at the top of the Rendezvous lift, nearing the top of Copper.

Great views abound here and the terrain is great for strong beginners and up.

The first pitch is a little steep but that’s all there is; the rest is flat.

They call this the “land of the extreme greens” because you are so high on the mountain but the terrain is quite easy.

Union Bowl is right in front of you as you go up the chair but you won’t have to ski it; you get the easy Wheeler Creek.

There are two picnic tables here and great views beyond Copper, such as the back of the 10 Mile Range, (Breckenridge is on the other side) and south with majestic peaks that go on forever.

Bring your camera and you’ll be very happy.

Of course, on snowy or cloudy days, the views can be diminished.