A large area on the west side of Copper that can be windblown higher up, but can offer nice powder and glades as you descend.









Union Meadows is a very large area on the far west side of Copper.

This is never groomed and can have a variety of conditions.

The open sections in the upper part tend to get a little windblown but always hold caches of fun powder.

There are many tree glades and mini trails through the lower parts of this area.

There are several flat spots and many tight spots.

Through repeated journeys into this area will help you understand it’s idiosyncrasies.

There are colored trail signs that tell you what part of Union Meadows you are in but all come out after a long flat section onto Soliloquy, for the flat trip back to the Timberline Express.

This is definitely a place to take intermediates to get a taste of open fields of powder.

Beware though, the open nature of this area leads to windblown snow and or crud.

And watch out for a drop off some call the waterfall right in the middle of the runout at the end; usually for some exposed rocks or tree branches.