An excellent blue run with frequent terrain changes.


Analysing terrain data








Collage is another one of Copper’s great front side blues that seem to go on forever, with lots of different terrain to negotiate.

Starting at the top of the Super Bee, or Resolution, or even the Excelerator, you can make your way to Collage, to the west of Andy’s Encore.

This starts off with a nice medium pitch and then as the Super Bee goes over you, it gets narrower.

Copperopolis drops off to the left as you go on an almost flat section until you see 17 Glade on your left.

It opens up and gradually works its way down until the next pitch.

This is the steepest part and most of it is visible from the Super Bee, so do well.

After this steeper pitch you can go right to Andy’s Encore or stay straight for a couple of pitch changes, a work road, and then an open play field for going fast.

Finally, the trail splits and then merges together for the final, steeper pitch to the bottom.

Sometimes they groom this top to bottom.

Sometimes they don’t.

This trail is dramatically different when not groomed.

Check the grooming report at the bottom of the mountain for information.

Overall, this is a great blue with all sorts of terrain changes to keep you on your toes.