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In 2002, the Alpine countries agreed to create a long-distance hiking trail through the Alps, the Via Alpina, connecting them from Trieste to Monaco.

It became a network of paths.

These stages from Liechtenstein to Montreux are part of the "Green Path". It crosses 14 of the most beautiful Alpine passes.

Across 6 cantons of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein we encounter a wide variety of culture, geology, and topography.

Wide roads end in airy burr paths.

One of the world's most versatile floras and faunas lines the way.

Silent relaxation phases alternate with prospering tourist resorts.

The ultra-modern alp with its pipelines and showroom is just as much on the way as the alp hut, where pigs, goats and cows watch the alpine dairyman at work.

Displacements, overthrusts, subsidence and rock falls are evidence of interestingly structured geology.

Breathtaking panoramas alternate with little beauties along the way and the gastronomy offers a wide range of gourmet delights. Stage Engelberg - Engstlenalp Also today we hike in a popular recreation area, in the winter the snow sportsmen are active here, in the summer we mainly hike.

Not surprisingly, the cable cars invite us to simplify the already short stage further - up to the Jochpass. Up to the Jochpass we come in three steps: from Engelberg first the first ascent comes to Gerschni, then it goes a little flatter up to the Rosswald, where we have to master a second ascent to the spectacularly situated Trüebsee, and then it goes up again up to the Jochpass.

On the Jochpass we cross the border to Canton Bern and arrive in the Bernese Oberland. From here it goes down to the idyllic Engstlenalp.

Today we do not spend the night in a valley bottom, but enjoy the summer freshness on the alp. Stage Engstlenalp - Meiringen Today we have no big climbs ahead of us, but a pleasurable tightrope walk along the border between the cantons of Bern and Obwalden and a long descent to the stage town of Meiringen. Up to the Tannalp at the Tannensee we ascend easily through the most beautiful eel flora.

There, an inn and a cheese dairy await us.

The ridge hike over the Balmeregghorn to Planplatten allows us a breathtaking view of the Bernese trio Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. For the long descent to Meiringen you can use the cable cars again, otherwise we can enjoy the view a bit more while hiking, and finally the dwarf Muggenstutz and a sculpture garden provide additional variety.

Today's stage ends at the Bahnhofplatz in Meiringen. equipment