A green groomed run that has some challenging steeper areas









Jack Kendrick is a groomed beginner trail that starts at the top of Prospector Lift.

This trail is rated green, but has some sections that are steeper, and those hills can intimidate true beginners.

This is the next step up in difficulty from the ultra-beginner Discovery Lift area, and it can be a BIG step for beginners.

Take in an impressive view of the Fraser Valley from the top of this trail on a clear day! Much of the traffic on this trail is from ski schools and terrain park riders who love Ash Cat Terrain Park, so it can be kind of a zoo at the top.

This run starts out mellow and wide, but gets steeper halfway down. This trail was named after Jack Kendrick, one of the original trustees of the Winter Park Recreation Association, which managed Winter Park (this resort is owned by the city of Denver ...

long story).

Kendrick truly believed that the sport of skiing had great potential as a tourist attraction in Colorado, and he was right! Kendrick worked for the growth of skiing, and in 1937, he helped construct the first powered ski lift ever – a rope tow on Berthoud Pass.