A tricky black run back down to the village- not for beginners.


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This run has two entrances; firstly from the bottom of the Petities Crêtes chairlift and secondly off the side of the Demoiselles green run, below the Crêtes chairlift, which has a steeper start.

This steep route to the village is often over-used, increasing its difficulty and often leaving the piste rough or icy.

Take it easy, get your rhythm and ensure you are always in control as this run is unforgiving.

Due to the difficulty of the run, there are many fallers, so stop to the side and always be aware of others above. If you are searching for some powder, there is often some on the village side of this black before it flows under the chairlift.

Pick your lines whilst heading up the chairlift to ensure you avoid any potential rocky areas. Beginners should not take this route, use the lift down instead. The bottom of the run leads into two green runs that can take you all the way across the village.