Easy and scenically very interesting hike in the valley area, the wide paths can be walked all year round except when there is a lot of snow. The Koppenbrüller Cave is open from May to the end of September.


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Constant dripping hollows out the stone - and also brings about all sorts of other wondrous things.

This can be seen in the Koppenwinkel, a romantic cauldron under the giant walls of the Dachstein massif, where a theme trail puts the small wonders of nature in the right light. From Obertraun railway station we first walk along the Ostufer hiking trail to Hallstätter See.

Soon we turn right, go under the railway line and climb up a narrow path to the light stone.

From there it goes to the right (high trail no.

1) to the cemetery, briefly on the road and again on the hiking trail above the village.

Through the Sarstein forest we reach the Koppenstraße, which we follow to the railway station Obertraun-Koppenbrüllerhöhle.

To the right over the Traun bridge to the Gasthof Koppenrast, one of the best culinary addresses in the Salzkammergut.

Don't miss the excursion to the Koppenbrüller Cave, an active water cave where the cool water actually roars more or less strongly depending on the weather conditions above the Dachstein mountains.

After the Koppen rest we turn right to the children's village and hike to the Koppen angle varnish.

Continue on the forest road to the Koppenwinkelalm, turn right there and follow the hiking trail across the Hagenbach and Bühlerbach streams to a turnoff: Right down to the Traun and along the river to the former Gasthof Dachsteinhof.

To the near turn-off and right on the Köhlerbrücke over the Traun.

On the signposted Höll-Karl-Weg we last walk past the sports field, over the level crossing to Koppenstraße and left back to the railway station.

The Inner Salzkammergut is an Eldorado for large and small cave explorers.

In the depths of the mountain world you can, mostly guided, penetrate into the widely branched Unteririd network.

As highlights we suggest the visit of the Dachstein giant ice cave (it belongs to the biggest ice caves of the earth) as well as the Mamuth cave.

The Koppenbrüller cave is the youngest of the Dachstein caves and shows us the unexpected course the water takes in the Dachstein mountains. Order hiking maps to the Dachstein Salzkammergut region ...

( http://dachstein.salzkammergut.at/kartenbestellung.html ) Mountain rescue: 140 equipment