A tough summit day through some rugged (but incredibly) beautiful terrain.









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This is a brilliant alpine climbing day to the summit of a famous and well positioned peak, right in the heart of the Western Bernese Alps. Start by riding the spectacular cable car from Leukerbad to the Gemmi Pass - a desolate spot with a great view of the Daubensee lake.

Hike west away from the Pass into the valley right beneath the Schwarzhorn and Lesshörner peaks - rocky and intimidating mountains, both with imposing north faces. Cross the rocky moraine just to the south-west of the Lämmerensee lake and then make the short but sharp climb up to the Lammeren Hut.

You'll be staying the night at this hut so leave behind anything you won't need until the evening. Leave the hut westwards on a rough track which takes you up to the northern toe of the Wildstrubelgletscher.

Start climbing the glacier and rope up when you hit the snow line and the glacier goes from dry to wet.

There is the option to go direct to the Wildstrubel itself, but a better - albeit slightly steeper - option is going first to the Mittelgipfel peak.

The view from the top is magnificent and you'll have plenty of time to enjoy it as you head south along a gorgeous snow ridge towards the Wildstrubel.

Just before reaching the Wildstrubel's summit the glacier ends and you follow a rocky path briefly to the top.

Enjoy the summit and then head back down the rocky path, onto the glacier and on down to the toe of the glacier that you were on several hours before.

Follow the track back to the hut and enjoy a well earned rest.

The hut is fairly basic and doesn't have showers, but it offers a comfy bed and a warm meal, both of which will likely seem pretty appealing by the time you arrive!