The second part of a wonderful traverse through the Western Bernese Alps.


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This hike is generally done the day after climbing the Wildstrubel, and while the summit day for that peak is primarily uphill, today is the opposite. After breakfast at the Lammeren Hut, follow a rough path through the Lammerental valley, staying north of a long cliff band and then climbing up to the Rote Totz Lücke pass.

From here descend what is left of the Tälli Glacier, heading towards the Tällisee lake.

Shortly before reaching the lake, follow a path off left and make the short, easy climb up to the Chindbettli pass.

From here, it's downhill all the way! The initial descent down to Engstliggenalp is both steep and fairly long but there's a couple of lovely mountain huts waiting for you where you can grab some lunch and relax for a while.

There is the option to stay at one of these huts as well, but if you've got enough energy and the weather is holding, it's recommended to carry on down to the Unter dem Birg after lunch.

There is the option of taking the cable car down to Unter dem Birg but if you take this option you'll miss out on the incredible Engstligen waterfalls, which you get a close look at on the hike down. The walk down to Unter dem Birg is on a good path and takes about 2 hours at a leisurely pace.

Once you get down, ride the bus back into the Swiss train network, from where the World is your oyster!