A rarely busy part of the mountain that offers a variety of terrain types.









Upper Enchanted Forest can be one of the best advanced areas at all of Copper but there are times it can be the worst.

It faces northwest and can receive some of the best snows at the mountain but it’s basically treeless slopes get quite blown every once in a while.

Only by taking the Storm King Poma can you get to this area and then only with knowledge can you get back here by taking only two lifts.

Thus this is not as travelled as the other areas at Copper.

All sorts of terrain can be found here; from wide open powder areas to small tree glades, small natural hits and one very large hit called the motocross jump.

This natural terrain parklike jump ends way too flat but can be quite fun on a powder day.

When it’s windy out you may want to stay away from Upper Enchanted Forest, or when the poma line is out the maze, if not, this may be one of your favorite at Copper.

Ends up on Coppertone with many options, please consult the map.