A steep pitch with moguls in the Resolution Bowl area.









Highline is a super fun trail for the expert in the Resolution area that requires the skier or rider to perform at their highest level because the terrain is difficult and totally visible from the lift above.

The top pitch is one of the steepest at Copper and although short, it requires great turns through steep moguls or hopefully for you, powder.

Then comes a long flat section of moguls before it start getting steeper again.

Never groomed, Highline is usually a good place to go for moguls and powder since many storms dump their goods into the Resolution area, which is much more protected from the elements than most other places at Copper.

It seems that this is also the warmest area at Copper.

In the springtime you must wait until it thaws or you’ll find the most bulletproof moguls you’ve ever seen.

There is a great fall line ”shot” that goes directly under the chair but you should be good or you’ll hear the jeers from above.