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The La Senda Nature Trail starts in the village centre by the medieval La Tuor tower, which nowadays is a cultural centre for the Engadin and the south of Graubünden, housing exhibitions about the past and the future.

The actual start of the circuit can be found just beyond the bottom station of the ski lift, a little higher up and to the west of the Catholic church.

After a few metres on a tarmac road, you will reach terraced fields, where wheat was cultivated long ago.

The agricultural land here is among the oldest in Switzerland.

The easy nature trail now leads through beautiful meadows to the edge of the forest.

Shortly after the junction that heads towards Peidra Grossa, you will discover an accessible bird's nest between the tops of two larch trees, which will give you - quite literally - a bird's eye view of the world.

On the narrow path along the slope to the Alp Muntatsch fork, you will find interesting information about special animals, rare flowers, landscape gardeners, protected forests, avalanches, and much more.

A little further on, you will shortly reach the double swing which lets you explore reciprocal energy and motion, and symbolises reciprocal effects in the ecosystem.

Continuing across the slope, you will come to a telescope, providing an impressive view of the plateau.

There are also fascinating insights into subjects such as permafrost and high tides.

Now follow the forest trail down to the edge of the village, where you can immerse yourself in the Romansh language, legends and industrious animals and insects.

The trail takes around 2 1/2 hours to complete.

You can start at various locations and break off the circuit at any time. #Note(s)# You can also download information and stories about the La Senda nature trail while you are on the move via the Swiss National Park app. *¶ So lake ¶ Engadin St.

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