A black run with unrelenting bumps and a steep, consistent pitch.









When you are an advanced skier or rider and want to take in some bumps, with a steep and consistent grade, Sawtooth may be your cup of tea.

If it’s not, it’s going to be a long ride down to the bottom of the Resolution lift.

These bumps are relentless and top to bottom, side to side.

Early season or low snow years, this is also a place to find rocks and poor lines.

But when the snow is good, especially on a powder day when the snow blows into the Resolution area, this is a ripper! And it seems the more snow, the better the lines through the bumps.

Sawtooth starts off flat, and gradually gets steeper until the last pitch, where you will be visible from the chair riders, so make it look good! If you think you are in good ski or ride shape, this run will tell you.

Every once in a while I have seen this groomed, but only like once every two years.