* Overwhelming mountain angle - highlight of the Allgäu* The two pearls of the Rappenseen, which glow just below the rocky region, are crowned by the Rappensee hut of the Kempten Alpine Club, which is important for hikers, mountaineers and trekkers. This southernmost house in Germany is considered one of the highlights of the Northern Limestone Alps. From up there we really have the whole richness of forms of the Allgäuer mountains in the field of vision. All four geological floors spread out a little mixed up in front of our eyes: Molasse, Helveticum, Flysch and Kalkalpin. In order to get to know as much as possible of this geological treasure trove, we want to make a wide arch through the U-shaped Rappenalpental, once planed out from the Ice Age Glacier to a height of 2100 metres.


Analysing terrain data

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From the bus stop in Faistenoy through the Stillachtal valley we take the hiking trail via Anatswald and Anatsstein to the dreamy hamlet of Birgsau, 949 m above sea level.

We hike directly towards the parade rock peaks of the Allgäu high Alps.

On the far left the pedal axle tip, next to it the girl's fork.

Shortly behind the last houses we take the tarred alp path to the bridge over the Rappenalpenbach.

Turnings lead us through the mountain forest up to the Rappenalpental.

After a slight loss of altitude below the Buchrainer Alp, also called Buchenrainalp, we soon reach Breitengehrenalp, 1156 m (also Breitengernalp).

The route leads over small alpine meadows into the valley past the Rappenalp.

Next comes the Schwarze Hütte, 1237 m.

At the material lift of the Mindelheimer Hütte we take the left turns up to the small Biberkörbhütte, 1459 m, at the forest line.

Soon after, one crosses the Körbergraben and follows a draw path with little loss of altitude, later a climb.

The somewhat unclear route crosses a few torrent channels along the Körbertobel flanks, which are stocked with the last spruces and alder bushes.

Passing under two small waterfalls you reach a modest alpine hollow.

The harmless Seebachgraben is crossed, then the Mittlere Rappenalp, 1620 m, emerges after a short ascent.

The now to the Rappenseehütte signposted path leads into a small saddle.

The four-pointed Höfats behind huge steep grass slopes, above us the heads of the Allgäu main ridge, on the far right the beaver's head! We have now, again on a climb, to the must-have shoulder with the sea hut a clear upswing before us.

Hunchbacked pastures join the Einödsbacher Weg, which flows into a terrain level.

Soon after we stand at the edge of a high tub in front of the Rappenseehütte, our overnight stay in a beautiful location.

The massive Rappenseekopf directly to the south, the racy Hochrappenkopf to the right and the bold Rappenköpfle form an unforgettable scene.

The next day it back to the junction on the above terrain level.

There we take the route towards Einödsbach.

After a descent over a small steep slope we stroll along the lower lefterskopf west flank to the Enzian hut, 1780 m.

Then we climb in two wide loops, crossing a few stream gullies, down a steep alder slope to the pastures of Petersalp, 1296 m.

A flat path leads us over wooded slopes and over the lower Bacherloch to Einödsbach, 1114 m.

On a small natural road you stroll out of the valley to Birgsau, where you take the well-known course to Faistenoy. equipment