A true red run that is steep, twisty and tree lined









Most people will ski into this run coming in from La Serra, taking the skiers left fork on the Fontanals.

It's starts off flat gently rolling into a good red gradient slope which is wide enough for long turns.

The run then crosses the El Gall blue run, so be careful here as there is always traffic.

Now your dropping into the meaty part of the run, it has a good width all the way down but it's steep, a tough red red steepness mixed in with numerous S shaped twists and turns makes this run a real challenge.

The run is always in the shade and is tree lined leading to similar snow conditions throughout the day no matter what the weather.

As you approach the bottom of the run, it really steepens up, so what your speed as you get to the bottom as you enter the chairlift area pretty quickly.