A narrow chute guarded by a cliff requiring mandatory air.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Missing Finger is a narrow chute guarded by a cliff, requiring a twenty-plus foot drop to enter.

Access from the top of Northway Bowl, working to the right past NW Slot.

Watch out for the cliff/notch carved out for the top of Northway Chair.

It is also possible to reach this chute from the skiers right by going under the chair.

However, the chairs are extremely close to the ground here, and this entrance is usually roped off.

Below is a broad upside down V-shaped rock band.

The chute is directly below the center of the V, which is also the longest drop of about 40 feet, depending on snow level.

Once inside the chute, you get only a few turns before you join the chute below NW Slot.

Make a few turns past this funnel and hit the open apron below for some well-earned turns.

Join Northway Run to the bottom of the chair for another lap.

Note that once inside the Northway Gates, cliffs and other hazards are not marked.

This is avalanche prone terrain.

Carry the proper equipment and always ride/ski with a partner.