Great fun natural jumps









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Take the Marmotes slope, where you can start playing around whenever you want, especially on the right hand side of the piste poles.

This is a really easy and well marked area where there are a bunch of small and medium size kickers.

You can follow a creek where there are some small rocks and trees to jump in between.

In general, it is really open, except 2/3rds of the way down, where some trees start to appear.

The first part is a really open area, go to the right, where you will see the piste poles, crossing over the piste edge, you can jump over some small moguls that have a good landing.

After 200m, on the side of the slope you'll find a deeper cavity, a bit like a mini half pipe, with some opportunities to jump out of it (depending on snow conditions).

Next, you will reach the tree line, turn left to find a small run where there is a nice tree jump, when there is good snow, it is great.

If not, there is a small passage between the rocks and trees (if the snow is bad, you'd be better to go back to the slope and finish the run).

After the tree jump, theres another small tree jump, then finishing with some moguls on your left, where you will then end up back on the slope.

The snow quality here is usually tracked, many people ski through here, thus makes it a great area to start learning how to ski fresh snow and moguls.