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From Sils Maria post office, you walk to the valley station of the Furtschellas cable car and take this up to the starting point.

Above Furtschellas (Prasüra) mountain station, the path branches off to the right.

After a short climb and a subsequent gentle decline, you reach the beautiful vantage point of Marmorè.

The view on offer takes in the lake plateau and the peaks of Piz Duan, Lunghin, Lagrev, Polaschin, Güglia and Albana. To the left, the valley of Val Fex with Fedacla creek opens up.

In the background you can see the mountain peaks of Chapütschin, Tremoggia with its wide glacier, Fora, Güz, Led and Salatschina.

The descent to Curtins in Val Fex follows a beautiful hiking route.

The observant rambler can spot countless flowers and interesting rocks along the edge of the path.

After the hamlet of Curtins, you reach Fexerstrasse, which you follow out of the valley towards Crasta. The mountain church dates from the 15th century and has unmissable frescoes inside.After Crasta, you descend to the plain, cross the creek and pass by the beautiful old houses of Platta.

A romantic trail through the gorge of Fedacla leads back to Sils Maria. *Inns en route:* Sils i.E.: Furtschellas mountain restaurant La Chüdera Tel.

+41 (0)81 838 50 05.

Fex: Hotel Sonne Tel.

+41 (0)81 826 53 73, Pension Crasta Tel.

+41 (0)81 826 53 92, Hotel Fex Tel.

(0)81 826 53 55. equipment