A hidden gem; varied and interesting skiing high above the Argentiere Glacier









FATMAP difficulty grade



This line is sometimes ignored but often holds great snow and is largely unglaciated.

Follow the Pointe de Vue piste until the end of the long traverse L after the initial wide slopes down below the start.

Where the piste angles straight down, you need to continue the traverse L, crossing between some rocks to enter a large and complex bowl.

There are many possible lines here, most of which are safe and all non-glaciated.

Broadly you are heading down and L.

There is a large steep rocky spur that shades the bowl on it's L.

However do watch out for the big convexities near the top which is prone to avalanches.

It is slightly lower angled to take a line down earlier rather than later, then traverse L.

However in a stable snowpack often the further you traverse L the better the snow, with fewer tracks and it is steeper.

There are a number of exits, which are a little steeper than the slopes that lead into them, to put you back onto the Pointe de Vue piste.