Easiest way down Silverado









Land Bridge is groomed sometimes and is a fun remote run at Squaw.

It faces north and follows a large natural gully.

The top and bottom sections are the steepest.

Land Bridge is located through gate 7, just south of High Camp, off the top of the Tram.

Exit the Tram and turn left around the pool and head down Shooting star adjacent to Bailey's Beach.

From the base of Baileys Beach chair follow the Mountain Run for a very short distance until you see an opening in the rope line on your left.

Go through the opening and keep your momentum to avoid walking in this flatter ridge area.

Follow the ridge until you reach a gate 7 sign on your left.

Turn left and Land bridge starts here.

Ski the gully down and keep your momentum when you see a large flatter area with a flat road on the right at the end of the flat area.

Follow this road until Land Bridge steepens again and ski this to the bottom.

This bottom section can have more moguls and some shrubs and rocks.