A fun steep ridge line









Hogsback is a fun, steep, northeast facing ridge line.

From the top of Headwall, make the 180 degree left turn and head down the ridge, follow the chair line towards the Headwall Face and traverse left under Headwall chair.

Headwall Face will be on your right and North Bowl is around the corner further past the Hogsback.

You can stay more right for an eastern exposure or bear left for a more northern exposure.

Be careful when you go left as the wind usually blows the snow off the exposed ridge line and there can be rocks.

Further down there is a bit of a gully and that can have some rocks as well, especially skiers left.

You can bear right and end up at the top of Squaw One Express (watch the road cut) and take Sunnyside down or end up on Newport above the base of Siberia Express.