The best choice for fall line on a powder day.


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Steep 'N Deep is accessed, not by the summit of Highland Peak (12,392 ft), but directly below the second highest point/cornice area after the long gradual steep climb following 'Heart Attack Hill' on the ridge hike.

This is a perfect pitch of fall line skiing averaging 39 degrees and maxing out at about 42 degrees.

The cornice that forms at the top is a nice place to catch a little air, although the landing is flat.

Don't be caught off guard here, the run steepens and narrows right as it rolls over at the horizon.

Here, 800 vertical feet of consistent and fast skiing awaits the eager big mountain skier.

On a good snow year, the ridge on the skier's left-hand side of this run doesn't just act as a border separating the run with B-Fore on the other side, but offers a fun terrain feature for long drifting smear turns on a fast descent.

Early season or on a low snow year, this ridge feature hides shark teeth beneath its surface, ready to grab and rip the skis out from below you.

Proceed with caution.