A belter of a red run, super wide, super fast!









Located in the Setùria area of Pal, this is a cracking red run which really let's great skiers open the tanks but can allow first time red runners the opportunity to feel confident as the width offers plenty of room to turn.

The run starts off by swinging down underneath the Setúria chairlift, past the start of Estadi and continues down towards the forest.

The run holds onto a 75-100m width from top to bottom, with the first section before the big bend having a camber left to right.

As you head towards the forest the run takes a sharp 90 degree bend into the woods but still maintaining its fantastic width.

This is a secret gem and is hardly skiied, even finding fresh corduroy in the mid afternoon.

Shaded from the slope at the top and the forest in the middle Font Roja can have some of the best snow conditions in Pal.

At the bottom of the run its opens up to flyer area as you head towards the Setúria Chairlift.