*Most famous mountain trail in the Engadine? The Fuorcla Surlej is one of the most magnificent vantage points in the Eastern Alps! To the north one looks at the mighty peaks of the Albula Alps with Piz Julier as an eye-catcher. To the south one has a close view of the ice giants of the Bernina Alps, where Piz Roseg, Piz Bernina and Piz Bianco (with the famous Bianco ridge) are particularly impressive. This is where the high trail begins, perhaps the most famous in the Engadine. It also leads us (variant) to the Coazhütte. It is named after the first ascender of Piz Bernina. After the descent to Lej da Vadret (= glacial lake) you can go on foot or - more comfortable, but more expensive - by horse-drawn carriage through the Roseg valley to Pontresina (registration necessary, information at the Pontresina spa and tourist office).


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Ascent from the valley station of the Corvatsch lift to the middle station of Murtèl.

From there we hike downhill for a short distance on an oversized path, go out the wide hollow and after a few bends we reach Fuorcla Surlej, 2755m.

Here the view opens up to the mighty peaks of the Bernina Alps! From the mountain house Fuorcla Surlej - at a junction not left, but straight ahead - one first walks southwards towards the Roseggletscher.

At the junction to the glacier lake we keep left and descend the long slope crosswise, then steeply to Lej da Vadret.

Along the lake to its end and with a slight gradient further to the Hotel Roseg.

From here on the road (more comfortable with a horse-drawn carriage) to Pontresina.

Or: Shortly after the start to the right and on a footpath through the Roseg valley to Pontresina.

Or choose the footpath that goes past the Acla Colani to Pontresina (alternative).

One reaches Pontresina near the railway station.

With the Rhaetian Railway to St.

Moritz, with the post bus to Silvaplana and Surlej. equipment