A scenic hike which puts you in position for further adventures.


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Although it takes in about 1200 metres of virtual ascent, this hike never feels too strenuous - it's generally quite mellow in angle and enjoys fabulous views throughout which serve as a good distraction from your exertions. The Almageller Hut can be approached via a long (4 hours) traverse in from the top of the Kreuzboden cable car (which comes up from Saas Grund), but is more commonly done this way, from Saas Almagell. Park up at the northern end of Saas Almagell in a large parking area next to a bridge which crosses the Almageller Bach river.

From the parking area there are 2 options to reach the first landmark on this hike - the Almagelleralp Hotel.

The first option is to cross the Almageller Bach and climb steeply on the northern side of the river.

The alternative (and better) choice is drawn here, and that is to stay south of the river and climb gently up through forests before crossing the river at a small bridge where the trees begin to thin out. Follow a lovely path from the bridge to the Almagelleralp Hotel and grab a drink whilst enjoying the huge views across the Saas Fee 4000ers. Continue along the path past a series of large boulders and climb increasingly steeply up zig zags to reach the Almageller Hut.

Check in and then head back outside to enjoy the extraordinary view across the Täschhorn, Dom and Allalinhorn.

Once settled in it's worth having a wander up the first section of your planned route for the following day, just to figure out the section of the route that you'll be doing in the dark.

If you traverse the Weissmies and end up in Saas Grund, there's a regular bus service back to Saas Almagell.