A physically easy (ish) start to a high mountain adventure.









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This is a classic excursion down the longest glacier in the Alps to perhaps the best situated mountain hut in Switzerland. Start the day by riding the Jungfraujoch train up from Grindelwald, through the Eiger's north face, to the Jungfraujoch station.

The 2 hour train ride is amazing and is quite an experience in itself - it is certainly eye-wateringly expensive so try to savour it! Make your way to the glacier exit of the Jungfraujoch station.

Follow the ploughed track to the tubing/dog sledding (seriously) area and then head south-west onto the top part of the Aletsch Glacier.

Pass a small crevasse field and then head south-east and descend the middle of the glacier, picking your exact route according to the conditions.

This route might be non-technical but it does require you to be experienced in glacier travel and all it entails, including route finding - the line drawn here is a suggestion rather than a fixed itinerary. As you head south-east on the glacier the snow will eventually run out and you'll find yourself on a dry glacier.

Even when the glacier dries out you'll still need to do some route finding because there are various glacial rivers and it's important not to get stuck on the wrong side of one! Eventually you'll reach the Konkordiaplatz - a 2 kilometre wide glacial junction where the Aletsch Glacier (the longest glacier in the Alps) meets the Grosser Aletschfirn and Ewigschneefeld.

At the eastern side of this lies your destination for the day - the Konkordia Hut.

Reach a long series of steep ladders and climb them to the hut.

The ladders have sadly had to be extended as the glacier has retreated but, regardless of what global problems they represent, they are spectacular and fun (if a little tiring) to climb. Upon arriving at the hut you are greeted by a truly spectacular view.

Grab a drink (there is draft beer available on the terrace!) and soak it all in.