The gentle, wide and sunny run to the village









The slope number 2 starts at the gondola top station and gets access by many other lifts as well.

The usually groomed and very long piste offers some pretty nice varieties beside the normal ski descent.

After the first part, which gets busy occasionally, you enter the so-called tonalslope! Whats that you wonder? It is a quite unique feature, basically a jukebox where you are able to choose between more than 10.000 latest music hits.

The whole following slope to the mid station is covered with loudspeakers which are are generating a tremendous sound! It's such a cool feeling swinging down to your most favorite song.

Come and try it out! Beside the tonal slope you will find the "Tuck Track" with speed measuring, accessible for everybody and costless.

And if it wouldn't be enough yet, after the mid station you have the chance to check your Ski Racing Skills by skiing through the permanent Giant Slalom course! The slope with many flat and wide sections is really nice to ski for intermediates.

It leads you down along the easterly side of Planai, where the woman speed races were hosted at the Alpine Skiing World Championship 2013.

If you wonder which of the slopes 1 & 2 fits your skiing skills better to ski to the village and want to figure out the easier one, you should stick this run.

Enjoy the diversified piste!