Difficult wide steep slope









Welcome to the slope of fame! As a pro skier thats "the reason" why you come to the Planai! The well known slope is part of the Alpine Ski Worldcup, as every year in January the Nightrace Slalom is hosted here with 50.000 spectators.

The legendary black run has a moderate steep beginning part with some gentle rollers.

After the "Italian whole" (where all italian Ski Stars crashed at the World Champs Downhill 1982) you approach the crowning final pitch.

From the beginning to the end, so basically the entire last part, is quite steep and icy! Especially after the Worldcup Event the surface is rock hard down there.

For pro skiers this is a appropriate challenge, weaker skiers shouldn't overestimate their skills - once you fall here, you are not going to stand up again! The most famous slope in the 4-mountain connected resort is surrounded by 20 Ski-Legends figures of the past 30 years, which obviously overmastered that run in competition.

Reaching the bottom you find yourself in the finish stadium, where you have the choice to lift up with the gondola again or end your awesome day of skiing with some Apre-Ski in the Hohenhaus Tenne.

Before you enter the last part, there is a possibility to ski around the tricky pitch by following a flat way which matches to the slope number 2. Good Luck and enjoy the awesome ride!