Leading on from Parley's Park, Prospector kicks up a gear and the much steeper decent can take less experienced skiers by surprise









Prospector is a fantastic run, with a wide surface, which descends steeper than one might expect, down through to Silverlode Express, Miner's Camp and the Quicksilver Gondola.

On a clear crisp morning, this run is absolutely fantastic, with incredibly views, meticulous grooming, an enjoyable double blue steep grade, this will truly get your skiing legs set in ready for the day ahead.

Perfect for carving with spectacular views, Prospector is a crowd favourite, however being a crowd favourite also means that it can indeed get fairly busy when the crowds flock to the mountains.

Take care, as from experience, this run is ridiculously tempting to absolutely shoot down it, but the thing about going fast is, people further down seem to pop up a lot faster too.

Keep in control, and keep your eyes up, enjoy the run.