A blue run near the American Eagle lift.









Bouncer is a neat trail off of the American Eagle that has lots of character.

Head past Solitude Station and the bottom of the Excelerator, and you’ll run right into Bouncer.

It starts off with an easy pitch that flattens and bears to the left and then there is the steepest section of the trail, which typically has people lying on the ground flailing to get up.

Watch out for those who can’t, and continue on with a long flat section.

Then the final pitch to the bottom which typically has bumps on the right and groomed down the middle.

Again, look for people flailing because many a beginner try their luck here and are way over their head.

A few years ago, the US Ski team bought this whole trail for a couple of weeks of early season training specifically for Picabo Street and she ran downhill, full speed down this twisty and terrain changing trail.