*To the highest peak of Central Switzerland* The alpine landmark of Engelberg is the Titlis, with 3239 m the highest elevation of the whole region between Lake Lucerne, Sustenpass, Reuss and Haslital. The Titlis was climbed up early, already in 1744 by monks from Engelberg.


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From the Trüebseehotel (with the first cable car from Engelberg) a well-developed path leads southeast along the wide Laubersgrat to the viewpoint "Stand" and climbs further over slight rock steps to the lift station Unter Rotegg.

With the last meter the huge ice cap of the Titlis suddenly appears in the south.

Depending on the conditions, the transition to the Galtiberg Glacier or Titlis Glacier is uncomplicated at the edge of the glacier.

In summer, the glacier carries a solidly levelled track of snow groomers.

The entrance itself can be icy in high and late summer.

At the beginning you stay left next to the lift until you reach the third column.

Here, one has the choice: if there is no summer skiing, one follows the runway to the right above the delimited tobogganing area past to the station Ice-Flyer.

(If the lower part of the slope is not used for summer skiing, from the third support you follow the lift steeper up to the small hexagonal building, see below).

Further before the station, steeper uphill to the left until you reach the ski lift again at the hexagon mentioned above.

From here, turn right and follow the road to the nearby Stotzig Egg cliff.

From here you can easily reach the transition point Westgrat along the broad pedestrian route in the direction of Chli Titlis.

The west ridge is now practically aperpended and on a zigzag path to the right in the direction of Titlis can be walked without problems.

Behind a flat hollow wire ropes help over the last steeper part to the Titlis summit.

Panorama boards explain what can be seen from the large survey triangle.

Descending one chooses the path back to the end of the west ridge and soon reaches the station Chli Titlis.

The cable car takes you back to the Trüebsee. equipment